Oct 2, 2009

RL Order Closed

RL Order Closed. Target of USD200 achieved. Will email the updates on shipping schedule etc. Thanks for your prompt orders and payment. .:D

Sep 30, 2009

Ralph Lauren Direct From USA


Closing date: Soonest possible to avoid item OOS / 4 Oct 2009

Check out website: http://www.ralphlauren.com/shop/index.jsp?categoryId=1760783&ab=global_children

Exchange Rate 1USD :  MYR3.60 (will adjust depending on the rate charged to my credit card during purchase)

Preferred Payment Method: Paypal (or otherwise Maybank)

Will be divided into 2 collections,

1st payment is for the cost of your purchase + 20% of total purchase (min RM50/USD$15) as handling and coordination fees. Payment must be made before order can be submitted.

2nd payment upon arrival of items (3 - 4 weeks) -
i) Cost of international shipping from US to MY (total cost will be divided equally according to no of items. If you have more items, be prepared to pay more) Estimated cost of shipping per item RM10 per piece.


ii) Please indicate if you prefer self collection (no extra cost apart from (i) or registered mail. For registered mail, normal Pos Laju rate applies.

Registered mail or
Self collection at Cheras Perdana / Jusco Selatan Cheras on weekdays. Weekends collection can be arranged.

Terms and Conditions
No ordering of bulky items.
Please top if rate goes up.
I am not liable for any wrong colour,wrong item, wrong size or any defect in item sent BY RL.
I am not liable for any damages in item due to mishandling during shipment.
No exchange unless you opt to pay for 2 way postage to and fro US.
No cancel or refund once order is placed.
Be prepare to pay more units for heavy item or bulky item.
I reserve the right to cancel the order if there is not enough response.
I reserve the right to drop any order without payment.
I am not responsible for item loss through normal mail. Registered mail is recommended.
I will try to avoid tax but if incurred due to shipping cost (which I can't control) will have to be shared by all.
Full Payment must be done before collection.

No payment = No order

Order Format:

Hp: Email me so that I can contact u
Collection point/method: Please indicate

Item #1
Item Desc:
Url :
Color OOS: [Please provide alternative if OOS]
Size OOS: [Please provide alternative if OOS]
Quantity :
Price in USD$:

Total purchase amt in MYR: (TOTAL USD$ X 3.60) = MYR

Email me at babynwear@hotmail.com for more info.

Order without payment will not be accepted.


Order Example

Name: xxx
HP: 012 xxxxxxxx
Email: xxxxxxx
Collection: Self Collect

Item #1

Item Desc: Long Sleeved Stripe Polo
Url : http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3577220&sProdEvar=Recently Viewed
Color: Oasis Yellow Multi
Alternative Color: Drop
Size: 5
Alternative Size: Drop
Quantity : 1
Price in USD$: 19.90
Item #2

Item Desc: PRLClub Tee
Url : http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3577223&cp=2943769.2943769&ab=int_0929_sale_clp_Boys2_7_PRLClubTee
Color: DeckWash White
Alternative Color: Drop
Size: Size 5
Alternative Size: Drop
Quantity : 1
Price in USD$: 8.99

Total purchase amt in MYR: (USD$19.90 + USD8.99) X 3.60 = MYR 104.00 (pls round up)
Handling and Coordination Fees: RM50 / USD15 (20% or min RM50/USD15)
1st payment: MYR154.00 / USD43.90
2nd payment (upon arrival of items) : Cost of shipping only (self collect will incur no extra cost besides cost of shipping)

Apr 7, 2009

Walking Balloons

All prices are quoted in RM (Ringgit Malaysia) and excludes postage. Self pickup can be arranged in May09 in Kuala Lumpur (if you can wait.. :D). All balloons are not inflated. For inflation, just head on to any balloons stores or florist that sells balloon. They should be able to do it for you for a nominal charge.

The UP for these are approx RM39.90. That was the price I paid when I bought one from Mid Valley last year.

**All items are stocked in Singapore.

Hello Kitty @ RM16.90

Dalmation Dog @ RM16.90

Cutie Cat @ RM16.90

Moo Moo Cow @ RM16.90

Mar 4, 2008

Collection 3: Limited Edition Girl Clothes

Here are some limited edition toddler dresses:

red cotton sleeveless layered dress
(size 2-3) RM44.90

pink sleeveless dress (size 12 months old) RM29.90

sleeves floral dress
(size 3-4) RM29.90

2 piece dress - consisting turtle neck long sleeves shirt and a floral dress
(size 2-3) RM29.90

a very nicely embroidery dress, light pink
(size 3-4) RM34.90

Jan 15, 2008

Pictures from Collection 2

Only managed to snap a few before my boy starts getting cranky. More to come later.........

Pic 1: Khaki Short Sleve shirt (White)

Pic 2: CNY Samfu (B002) - Pearl color

Hahaha... I thought the cranky pic was kinda hilarious. :P Will snap more later....

Jan 14, 2008

Collection 2: Casual Wear

1) Khaki Shirt wi Short Sleeve (B001)
Available in white (as seen in pic), khakis, black. Also available in long sleeve
Size: 2yo, 3 yo, 4 yo
NOW: RM56.90 nett

2) CNY SamFu (B002)
Available in pearl (as seen in pic), blue, red
Size: S (1 yo) , M (2 yo), L (3 yo)
NOW: RM67.90 nett

3) Baby Guess Boy's Shirt (B003)
Size: 1 - 2 yo, 3 - 4 yo
NOW: RM55.00 nett

4) Baby Guess Boy's Shirt (B004)
Size: 1-2 yo, 3 - 4yo
NOW: RM55.00 nett

5) Baby Guess Boy's Shirt (B005
Size: 1 - 2 yo, 3 - 4 yo
NOW: RM55.00 nett

6) Baby Guess Girl's Top (B006)
Size: 3 yo
NOW: RM55.00 nett

7) Baby Guess Girl's Top (B007)
Size: 2 yo
NOW: RM55.00 nett

Pictures from Collection 1

Marroon Organza Cheonsum. Picture courtesy from Shannon

Orange Cheongsum (Orange)

Organza Chinese Skirt Set (Red and Pink)

Chinese Skirt Set (Orange)

Pamela Halterneck (Red)

Hollie Dress (Cream and White)

Shasmin Set (Blue)

Shasmin Set (Back)

Macy Skirt (Pink)

Organza Cheongsum (Red and Pink)

Kimono Set (Blue)